The Open-PSA Model Exchange Format

Title Open-PSA Model Exchange Format
Version 2.0.d-120-g703be91
Creation date 2007-08-01
Last modification date 2017-05-01
Editors Epstein Steven, Rauzy Antoine


This document presents the “Open-PSA Model Exchange Format”. The redaction of this representation format is a shared effort. The following persons contributed to various extents to the current version of the document: Becker Guenter, Čepin Marko, Contini Sergio, Ducamp François, Epstein Steven, Herrero Santos Roberto, Hibti Mohamed, Kampramanis Ioanis, Klügel Jens, Meléndez Asensio Enrique, Perez Mulas Arturo, Nusbaumer Olivier, Quatrain Richard, Rauzy Antoine, Rauzy Pablo, Reinhart Mark, and Sörman Johan.

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